What if: Airlines became Tree-Free™?

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What if I told you about a revolution that will disrupt an antiquated industry after 100 years?

In 2018 alone, there were 39 million total flights worldwide. That number has increased every year. From the 4-year range of 2015-2018 alone, there has been a 12.8% increase from 34 million to 39 million total flights worldwide. Passenger air travel will maintain a positive growth rate up to the year 2030. About 2.68 million passengers every day are in and out of the 19,601 airports in the US, stated by Boeing.

What other variables will increased air travel effect?

According to a report by Green America, each passenger generates about 1 kilogram of waste per flight. When you amplify that by the millions traveling daily, monthly and yearly, that number is tremendous. The airline industry alone contributed 5.2 million tons of waste to the environment in 2017. Most of the waste was from disposable items including plastic cutlery, one-use cups, and other waste products like toilet tissue and hand towels. If we don’t act today and push for change on these material choices, that amount will reach 10 million tons by 2030.

That’s why modern-day innovator Emerald Brand is creating economic and environmental solutions for this major problem. Emerald Brand’s Tree-Free technology will change paper disposables forever.

As the leading innovator in material technology, Tree-Free™, and plastic-free disposable products. Emerald Brand is working to deliver solutions to our everyday plastic and deforestation issue.


Total # of tissue used annually – 441,000,000

Total # of Cocktail Napkins used annually – 8,330,000

Total # of hand towels used annually – 637,000,000

Total # Plastic Cups used annually– 883,000,000