“I wanted to send a note of thanks for your efforts in rolling out both programs. We at American Express are excited to work with you to make such an impact on our environmental footprint. Not only do we champion a great cause, but we are educating our colleagues as well. The work your teams have done to support us has been special.”


, American Express

“Consumer demand for environmentally friendly initiatives continues to see compounded growth year over year, Emerald’s eco-friendly and cost effective solutions in the packaging category, with recycled and compostable substances, provide UncommonGoods with a greener, healthier, plastic-free packaging solution.”

— Shao Li

Director of Operations at UncommonGoods

“These are really functional products – some are even better than what we used before. We aren’t sacrificing quality because they’re green and sustainable. I haven’t heard a complaint from any of my staff – I’d hear if there was a problem. The Alliance is very helpful in pointing me in the right direction and suggesting products that have a similar, if not better, cleaning capability.”

— Gene Hartway

Custodial Foreman of Princeton Day School

Paradigm Group/Emerald Brand provides our Syosset office with new ways to work greener and be more environmentally responsible. By using Emerald Brand’s eco-friendly products in our facility and break rooms, our needs are met and we help create a greener community. Emerald Brand products have exceeded our expectations with regard to quality, cost effectiveness and service. Ralph Bianculli Jr., LEED GA, Vice President Paradigm Group/Emerald Brand is invaluable, enthusiastic and has made the transition to using these products seamless.

— Southern Wine and Spirits(SWS)

“I was doing an Amazon search for bath tissue alternatives to recycled (BPA issue) and cutting down trees, and then found your brand, which had great reviews. I decided to search around to see if I could purchase from you directly, and found I could!

Thank YOU for providing more sustainable alternatives! As consumers and people who care about the livelihood of ourselves and our planet, we really appreciate businesses like Emerald.”

— J.L.

Walnut Creek, CA

“Being environmentally responsible is a core value for The Garden City Hotel. It was at the forefront of decisions we made when renovating the building and weighs heaviliy in how we run our business. It’s a priority when choosing guest supplies, food and beverage procurement and all facility assets. Our corporate customers appreciate this about The Garden City Hotel and our strategic partners know we expect the same from them.”

— J. Grady Colin

The Garden City Hotel

“We believe Emerald Brand’s turnkey sustainability solution will help our clients achieve their sustainability goals while also measuring and communicating their carbon footprint reduction to their stakeholders.”

— Jose Mantiel

President Proftech Office Supplies

“I was searching for non-bleached toilet papers due to health concerns and found out that all products in the market that are made from virgin paper were bleached. I didn’t want to buy toilet papers made from recycled paper either because I read that mostly receipts were used as recycled material in the process, which can contain lead or other harmful chemicals in the printed ink.During my search I came across an online article (probably from Huffington Post) which covered Emeral Green products that are made of bagasse. So finally I found a toilet paper that is bleached with hydrogen peroxide (which is a safer alternative to traditional chlorine bleaching), non-recycled, contains no chemicals and good for the environment at the same time! Thanks for the healthy and green alternative!”

— B.D. EmeraldBrand.com Customer

Woburn, MA

“I fully recommend Emerald products. They are environmentally and cost effective. Emerald products are high quality products. We are a very satisfied Emerald user.”

— Martin Sillen

Vice President Facilities & Procurement at Ogilvy CommonHealth

“Emerald Brand has made our commitment to transition to green products a painless process. Their dedication to servicing our company goes above and beyond. Their willingness to educate and inform our staff makes it easier to introduce new items. Their responsiveness to questions is quick and always informative. We look forward to the continuation and development of our relationship with Emerald.”

— Steven Rosenbloom

Director of Food & Beverage, Hornblower New York

I’ve been using toilet paper made from recycled paper, in an effort to close the loop on recycling (i.e. I recycle my paper so I should purchased products made of recycled paper), but I recently read that

“Now a new study shows that BPA is also in a wide variety of paper products, including napkins, toilet paper, tickets, food wrappers, newspapers, and printer paper.

Since we all take our sales receipts, newspapers, printer paper, etc. to the recycling facility, that means that when we purchase recycled paper products, we are exposing ourselves to BPA. Seems we cant get away from it.

Thats when I read about toilet paper made from bagasse. I tried the Emerald Brand toilet paper and was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was in comparison to recycled paper toilet paper. I really love it and will definitely be using bagasse toilet paper in future instead of recycled paper toilet paper.

— EmeraldBrand.com Customer

Louisville, KY

“It hasnt always been easy to go green. As a hotelier I was able to conceptualize green products that should be available to me. Finding those however, especially reasonably priced quality options, was very difficult. I am very pleased to have found Emerald Brand, who has made my job of going green exponentially easier. The quality of the product line is comparable to or better than the leading non-green manufactures I used in the past. The customer service has been fabulous. And best of all going green has actually resulted in a lower cost.

There are varying levels of green, such as using 50% or 100% recycled paper products. I am pleased that the level achieved by using Emerald Brand is the highest possible, as their products go far above the normal standards since they are not simply recycled but over 70% tree-free.

In fact, it is now easy to go green. I have not had to sacrifice quality, service or cost for my business, my customers or the environment, and Im very pleased to have Emerald Brand as my partner in doing so.”

— Susan Cawley

GM Concord Suites

“The Emerald Brand has allowed our customers to achieve their green initiatives within their break-room/facilities without exceeding their budget.

The Emerald Brand delivers excellent quality, competitive price points and allows our company to turn our inventory more efficiently through bundling 5 different product categories through one brand.

Delivering this type of solution under one umbrella is a win-win for our company and our customers. It is a pleasure working with you and your company.”

— Barry Ginsberg,

HiTouch Business Services

“The Emerald Brand has helped our office coffee service group achieve significant and sustained growth year over year. The brand helps us differentiate ourselves with a sustainable solution that our customers can measure, while also achieving price points 10-15% below other national brands.”

— John Murn

President, The Answer Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Paradigm over the past year while converting our hotel to our “Green Program.” They are very knowledgeable and passionate about their company’s vision; to create cost neutral and cost saving Green alternatives which a rare find in janitorial and paper goods. They have shown the utmost professionalism with high integrity and I look forward to continuing to do business with the Paradigm group.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

— M.S.

Best Western Group /WNW Hospitality

“I have been working with Paradigm for about a year and a half. They helped us implement a green program using emerald brand collection products and actually reduced our annual janitorial spend! Paradigm’s customer service is beyond compare and they have superior product knowledge. Their dedication and professionalism has made my job so much easier.”

— Stephanie Sweet

Dowling College

 “Emerald Brand’s cookie-cutter micro-market program is the best solution in the industry. It encompasses a uniform brand, a complete sustainable menu of environmental products, as well as customized barcoded cups, sleeves and dispensing systems.  This program allows our client’s to accomplish their environmental initiatives while still maintaining high efficiencies and cleanliness throughout the market space. I would highly recommend utilizing Emerald Brand’s micro-market solution.”

— Massimo Felici

President, Gourmet to Go

“There was lots of great buzz amongst the customers in the cafe yesterday around the implementation of this program. Thanks to all for seeing to its successful launch! I know everyone loved their complimentary tissues!”

— A.G.

International Bank

 “I just wanted to say thanks for your help with our Earth Day celebration yesterday. It was a great way to demonstrate to the Firm what we’ve accomplished so far and how we’ve positively impacted the environment. The employees who won the gift baskets were both thrilled.”

— -M.S.

National Law Firm

“We had been searching for a sustainable product line that encompasses what our company represents, as well as what our customers have been asking for. Emerald possesses all of that and more, We are proud to sell our customers environmentally friendly products that also have health benefits for them.”

— Christina DeCicco

Owner DeCicco Family Market

During 2012 the Bronx Print Center saved more than 175 trees with the introduction of bio-based towel & tissue products in their restrooms. That’s a small forest. And they did that without increasing the cost of their restroom products spend.

In partnership with The Paradigm Group, these Emerald products allowed the plant to purchase green products for about the same amount of what they were paying for non-green alternatives. The towels and tissues, which are USDA Certified Bio-based products, are less expensive than their traditional counterparts because they’re made from sugar cane pulp which is a cost effective alternative to traditional materials.

Ken Chiarella, VP of Operations for the plant, said “Its always satisfying when you launch an initiative and achieve better than expected results. Its more rewarding when you can tie it to the environment, thats a win win.”

Dow Jones

Bronx Print Centre Saves More than 175 Trees, From the Dow Jones Print Center