Protect Life.

Emerald™ Brand’s mission has always been to combat climate change by providing products and solutions that help mainstream sustainability in the everyday disposables category. But the reality is, our mission goes well beyond just disposables. In 2018 we decided to reestablish our company mission to encompass what we really do at Emerald™: Protect life. Every tree we save, every microplastic removed from the ocean, every time our chemical-free products are used, our mission is accomplished.

Our Story

It all started with an idea. Let’s make disposable products that are safer for the environment and the people who use them. Simple, right? No, it was incredibly difficult and took years of research and investment, but we did it and we changed the world of packaging and disposable products forever.

Founded by Ralph Bianculli in 1997, Emerald™ Brand’s original product line was developed with only a select few recycled material products. By the year 2007, after extensive research, Emerald™ expanded the line to include its groundbreaking Tree-Free™ products that are biodegradable, compostable, Bisphenol-A (BPA) free and chlorine free.

Emerald™ Brand was founded on the passion of a father who wanted something healthier for his family, safer for the environment and everyone who shares it.

We’ll never stop fighting for change!

Farm to Paper™ and Farm to Tissue®

Production of Emerald’s Tree-Free™ and plastic-free products is making its way to the USA. Grown by the American Farmer, made by the American worker -we are transforming agricultural waste and barren land into new revenue streams. Many American farmers leave their waste to decompose or are forced to burn and discard the dry pulp residue after it is extracted from their crops. Burning and wasting this valuable material takes time and energy away from farmers and causes local air pollution to increase within the community.

Our innovation in Tree-Free™ materials changes all of that! Unlike hardwood trees that take decades to grow to full maturity, Emerald™ uses rapidly renewable resources like sugarcane bagasse, wheat, and miscanthus, which all grows back in less than one year; making Emerald™ Farm to Tissue® and Farm to Paper™ a sustainable, American-Made alternative.

Made from Virgin Material*

Virgin material is material that has not been previously used or consumed or subjected to processing other than for its original production like that of recycled content. Virgin material out-performs recycled products without harming the planet.

To learn more CONTACT US at 516-496-0000 or email us at emeraldbrand@paradigm-grp.com.

Technology & Innovations

After extensive research and development, Emerald is proud to bring the production of Tree-Free ™ towel, tissue, cups, food service items, and packaging to the United States.

Emerald Sustainability Accreditation Program (ESA)

Emerald™ Brand's Corporate Program allows you to convert your facilities with uniform price points, single streamlined brand, cost-neutral conversion, communication support, onsite education, and environmental impact reporting.

Education and Engagement

Emerald Brand Eco-Squad™ is committed to educating customers and the community on sustainability. To accomplish this, Emerald™ provides clients with:

  • Onsite Sustainability Program Roll-Outs
  • Press Releases
  • Customized Marketing Material
  • Quarterly Environmental Impact Statements
  • and more!

Earth Month and Beyond:
As an Emerald™ customer, we help you celebrate your sustainability accomplishments every Earth Month, so you can tell the world how you’re taking part in saving it.


Licensing Emerald™ Brand’s Tree-Free™ and Plastic-Free Material Technology is designed for companies looking to differentiate their current product line in the food service, towel, and tissue, and packaging categories. Licensing for business-to-business distribution and business-to-consumer online and offline retail is available.

Licensing Emerald™ means receiving more than just unique sustainable products. Emerald’s team of sustainability and product experts provide Licensees with:

Education of Licensee’s Sales and Marketing divisions.

  • Training seminars in sales techniques for this unique technology innovation.
  • Access to proprietary environmental algorithms to measure and market Licensee and their client’s environmental savings.

To learn more please contact us

Dealer Licensing

Licensed Dealers of the Emerald™ Brand Product Line find themselves among a select group of Dealers across the globe that can offer their clients a turnkey sustainability solution in disposables.

Licensed Dealers receive:

  • A turnkey solution into the sustainable disposables arena.
  • Access to over 275 sustainable Emerald™ Products in the break room, food service, facilities, cleaning, and packaging categories.
  • Education and training seminars in sales techniques for Sales and Marketing staff
  • Access to proprietary environmental algorithms to measure and market your client’s environmental impact savings.

To learn more please contact us



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