E-commerce retailers who are concerned that their customers might still prefer the brick and mortar shopping experience can rest easy. Recent research by UPS has found that an impressive 83 percent of online shoppers reported that they were happy with their experience, as opposed to just 63 percent of people who shopped at traditional stores.

The study, which involved surveying 5,800 shoppers in the United States in early 2014, concluded that in general, convenience was the key reason online shoppers preferred the e-commerce experience. And in terms of perks, customers said free shipping was their favorite bonus for shopping online. In fact, up to 85 percent of the shoppers surveyed said that they would be willing to wait up to five more days for their purchases, if it meant getting free shipping.

In order to make sure their customers have the best possible shopping experience at their online stores, e-commerce retailers should ensure that their shipping is as smooth a process as possible.

Negotiate for Better Rates with Shipping Vendors

E-commerce business owners who don’t already offer free shipping should take the results of the UPS study to heart and make this a regular service. As PracticalEcommerce notes, another bonus of free shipping is that customers who know they will not have to pay for shipping tend to buy more. However, since the main carriers like the United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx will still expect to be paid for their services, online shop owners must do what they can to try to lower the amount they pay.

One approach is to try negotiating with the leading carriers; even small e-commerce sites may have good results with this tactic if they can show UPS or FedEx that they will get a larger amount of shipping volume. In some cases, these main carriers may allow e-commerce sites up to three months to boost their shipping volume, which means the owners can get access to lower shipping rates right away.

Offer in-Store or in-Warehouse Pickup Options

Another effective tactic that e-commerce owners can offer is in-store pickup. In the case where free shipping is not a option, giving the customer the chance to swing by and pick up their order can be a great alternative. Many of the major retailers already offer this as an option. For example, Walmart offers in-store pickup for Cyber Monday, a day when customers flock online to find the best deals on holiday merchandise. In addition to getting to meet some of their customers in person, in-store pickup can save e-commerce owners on shipping costs, as well as the fuel and transportation costs that are needed to deliver the items.

Improve the Presentation

In many cases, the way a product is packed up and shipped can be part of the overall shopping experience. This means that online retailers shouldn’t just pack up the items in any old box and fill it with plastic foam peanuts—they should find ways to make the unboxing process as attractive as possible for customers and also use eco-friendly packaging.

Retailers should consider wrapping items in attractive craft paper instead of bubble wrap and as an added goodie they can enclose a thank you note at the top of the box, or maybe a product sample or two. Instead of using traditional foam peanuts, online retailers can use starch-based products. Starch-based peanuts work the same but they are dissolvable and compostable.