Emerald Program 

The Emerald Program helps convert facilities of every size to a fully sustainable disposables platform at cost-neutral or less than their current spend.

How do we do it? 

Our Emerald Ecovations team will analyze the current disposables used in your facility. Emerald’s Tree-Free™ Material Technology replaces your current disposables, providing one sustainable brand throughout your facility. The process can be implemented in as little as one week, at cost-neutral or for less than you are currently spending. Crucial components of the Emerald Program are the on-site education and marketing roll-out initiatives which dramatically improve performance across an organization. The better educated employees are in relation to using and disposing of compostable products, the more efficient and ultimately successful your sustainability program will be. In addition we provide Environmental Statements on a quarterly basis, allowing you to see the impact your organization is making so you can regularly communicate the success of your sustainability initiatives.

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