A day of learning and growth for Port Washington’s Youth at the Climate Summit

On Saturday April 28, we were thrilled to support the Port Washington Youth Climate Summit. The Summit brought 100 Port Washington students together from grades 8-12 to learn, discuss, engage and act to help solve climate change. Emerald Brand donated a range of items from our Tree-Free range of disposables. The summit was a huge success with all the children engaged with scientists, local activists and community representatives.

The success of our global efforts to eliminate pollution and the destruction of our environment, begins and ends with education. The more we know and share, the more effective our individual efforts will be. It was amazing to see the passion of the children and community representatives. It starts with us, as individuals, and builds though our communities eventually touching everyone, everywhere. Sustainability is for everyday, not just Earth Day.

Congratulations and well done to the children, residents and team members who made The Port Washington Youth Climate Summit a resounding success.

Tree Free for a better future
Our Purpose is to save to our forests and provide preferable solutions.

Ever wonder why we cut down trees to make paper? We did, too. That’s why in 1997 we made it our mission to produce every day products from sustainable, alternative materials at affordable prices. It wasn’t easy, but we found a way to make our paper products from Tree-FreeTM rapidly renewable agricultural fibers like bagasse, bamboo, and wheat straw; and we didn’t stop there. We have become the experts in using alternative, sustainable materials to produce all kinds of things you use daily like bath tissue, cutlery, cups, plates, and more! We make it easy for homes and businesses like yours to reduce their environmental impact, one Emerald product at a time. In addition to protecting the environment and combating climate change, our other top priority is the health and wellness of our customers. We make our disposables out of natural, chemical-free ingredients to ensure that you’re using high quality products.] In 2017, we began working with American farmers to transform their traditionally wasted materials into high quality, eco-friendly everyday disposables. We value our American farmers and creating jobs which is why we are currently expanding our Tree-FreeTM production in the USA. Emerald’s Farm to Tissue solution is the perfect way to give back to our American farmers, combat deforestation, and provide healthy products at affordable prices for our customers.

Emerald also specializes in converting large facilities to sustainable products at cost savings. Learn more about what we can do for your facility!