Emerald Brand Announces Partnership with The Mill New York

Date 10/31/2018

       Emerald Brand’s mission of making sustainability a household and business priority has grown after a partnership with The Mill NY. Emerald Brand will help increase awareness and implement initiatives to assist The Mill in becoming more sustainable.  This partnership will include Emerald Brand’s compostable, biodegradable materials such as disposable utensils, cups, and tissue products. As well as providing Environmental Impact Saving studies and analyses to show the estimated savings after substituting items with Emerald Brands products. Through this, The Mill and its employees will have the perfect tools to create a more sustainable environment within the workplace. This impact will divert inorganic harmful substances from ending up in landfills and becoming pollutants in the oceans while saving trees, plastic and solid waste.


“We are so excited to partner with Emerald Brand as part of our green initiative to ensure our environmental footprint is as minimal as possible. Emerald Brand has enabled us to be transparent to our clients and team members with the statistical impact to which our environmentally conscious choices help the world around us. Their innovative array of products has transitioned into our office inventory quite seamlessly, which I believe to be the best addition from a hospitality standpoint. With Emerald Brand, we are able to make environmentally conscious decisions without comprising the quality assurance standards of our office.” Said Brad Meaney, Hospitality and Client Services Manager at The Mill.


The Mill is a world-leading creative technology and VFX studio, collaborating on projects for the advertising, gaming, music and film industries. They pride themselves on building partnerships based on creative excellence and cutting-edge technologies, with the world’s best agencies, groundbreaking directors, creative firms and visionary brands. At its core, The Mill is a creative culture of talented artists and technologists from multinational and homegrown backgrounds, nurturing innovation, flexibility and diverse ideas. This enables them to offer creative solutions across their studios globally, in London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Bangalore, Adelaide, and Montreal.



About Emerald Brand:

Family owned and operated since 1997, Emerald Brand is committed to innovation through tree-free, sustainable and rapidly renewable solutions. From Tree-Free paper products to petroleum-free cutlery and a suite of over 250 sustainable corporate solutions, Emerald Brand is at the forefront of driving sustainability in homes and offices around the world.  Emerald Brand products are available for consumer purchase at www.emeraldbrand.com and for businesses at www.paradigm-grp.com 


About The Mill NY:

The Mill is an award-winning global creative technology and VFX studio. For the past 28 years, The Mill has been consistently recognized by peers and clients for delivering outstanding work and has earned the most prestigious industry awards for craft, creativity, and innovation. Accolades include Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils, APAs, LIAs, AICP Awards, CLIOs, and VES statues.

For more information visit www.themill.com