Sustainability isn’t just for Earth Month!

April is always an exciting time for us, with so many great events taking place all over the world to celebrate protecting our environment as part of the Earth Day global celebrations.  Many of our clients are hosting Earth Month celebrations and we’re thrilled to be part of their celebrations over the coming weeks.  At Emerald, every day is Earth Day, we never skip a beat when it comes to innovating and developing our products and programs to help our customers dramatically reduce their environmental footprint.

Earth Day 2018 is focusing on the urgent need to eliminate plastic pollution. The Global initiative, spearheaded by EarthDay.Org unites communities and individuals all around the World with a common goal – end plastic pollution. We have been fighting on the home front to end plastic pollution for 20 years.  In addition to our tree-free products we have an extensive range of plastic alternative products using PLA.

PLA stands for polylactic acid. PLA is a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch, such as cornstarch, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional petroleum-based plastics. PLA is also biodegradable, which means it is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

Emerald’s Compostable Cold Cups are made with PLA and are also chlorine free, petroleum free, BPA Free and printed with water-based ink.

Sustainability begins and ends with individuals.  Consider making the switch to plastic alternatives as a first step in the fight to eliminate plastic pollution.

Small Changes = Big Difference.