Our clients are the best!  Earth Month gives us all a chance to celebrate what we can achieve when we work together. We were happy to be part of another great event where sustainability was at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Once again our sustainability game was a hit, as people lined up to play and help us make our donation to The Arbor Day Foundation.

We’re part of a collective, with shared responsibility for making protecting our environment a top priority. Our Tree-Free products provide a vital step in the right direction, but where we dispose of our trash makes a huge difference.  Small changes = big differences.

We developed the Sustainability Game as a way to highlight how easy it is to pick the wrong bin to dispose of your trash.  Conscious consumption is critical. Putting your trash in the correct can makes a huge difference.  It’s easy to play.  Pick an item (food, cup, plate, fork), throw it into one of the bins.  Play and we make donation to the Arbor Day Foundation.  Get it right and we double the donation!

Its amazing to see the reactions of people after they find out the materials used in our Emerald Brand products go right back to compost.

Once you go Tree-free there’s no going back!