Wondering Who The Eco-Squad™ Is?


Do you find it hard to reach your sustainability initiatives? Have you ever needed sustainability consulting and didn’t know what to do? At Emerald™, our Eco-Squad™ experts are here to help you! By implementing The Emerald Full Circle Sustainable Solution, the Eco-Squad™ will help your staff and employees embrace sustainability through educational:

  • Training and Seminars
  •  Sustainability Games
  • On-Site Events
  • Giveaways and Donations
  • Marketing Support


The most important Eco-Squad™ marketing asset we provide is your Quarterly Environmental Impact Savings. This statement highlights your overall impact on the environment such as savings on water, tree’s, plastic and landfill.

Emerald™ looks to inspire that sustainable warrior within every person that comes into contact with our company. Whether it’s eating or drinking responsibly with our Plastic-Free and Tree-Free™ products, or using our packaging solutions, you are helping to make our “Protect Life” mission a global movement. We will never cease to continue our efforts of implementing a sustainable future!

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